What local elected officials say about Maria:

Lincoln Knight, Mayor, Village of Wauconda

“In this day of political uncertainty, at all levels of government, including the Lake County Board. I would like to offer my endorsement to Maria Peterson, for Lake County Board Commissioner for District 17.
Wauconda is moving forward in many areas, and works well with many government agencies, and with this I look forward to a growing relationship with the county and Maria Peterson as our representative.
Maria has attended many meetings in the village, and met with elected officials, business owners and residents. She is aware of many of our towns great attributes, as well as of our needs. Maria is caring, compassionate and driven to help people not just in Wauconda, but all Lake County.
Please join me in supporting Maria Peterson for Lake County Board, District 17.”

Chuck Black, Trustee, Village of Wauconda

“I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Maria Peterson and find her to be engaging and enthusiastic with a can-do attitude. These characteristics coupled with her integrity and record of service before politics is exactly what I’m looking for in a candidate. Maria is the person I want to represent me and the Village of Wauconda on the Lake County Board.”

Tim Howe, Wauconda Village Trustee, Resident and Business Owner

“I’m excited about November’s Lake County Board elections this year because we finally have a candidate who is engaged, informed and eager to work for all of the 17th District. Maria Peterson has taken the time to learn about what Wauconda’s residents and business community needs from County government. For too long, our part of the county has been ignored when it comes to meaningful transportation projects. Our then-representative didn’t say a word about the Forest Preserve District’s plan to take the Discovery Museum out of Lakewood, and our current representative has been completely absent from out community.
Maria has attended Wauconda Village Board and Committee meetings, reached out to the Chamber of Commerce and stopped by many of the community events in an effort to understand us and our needs, a refreshing change from the current and former district representatives.
For this reason, I am wholeheartedly endorsing Maria Peterson for Country Board Representative for the 17th District of Lake County. I hope my neighbors do the same!”

Rich Morino, Village of Wauconda Trustee

“LBJ once famously quipped that all politics are local. I am reminded of that statement frequently as I have seen Maria put in the work to understand the issues impacting us in South West Lake County, and physically be a presence at all our community events.
Our Government was designed as a public service. Individuals who knew their constituents, were students of major issues impacting their district, and represented their communities best interests.
It is these exact reasons why I have chosen to endorse and support Maria Peterson. She is a constant presence at Wauconda Board Meetings, community events and fundraisers. She has demonstrated a command of the issues, and importantly, has solicited feedback to judge their local impact.
We need a board member who will truly advocate for our district. I believe Maria can be that board member, and look forward to her election.”

Albert R. Pino, President, North Barrington

“It’s my absolute pleasure to recommend Maria Peterson for Lake County Board Member for District 17.
I appointed her to her current position as a member of the North Barrington Plan Commission in 2017. Maria has excelled in her duties, not only through her personal knowledge of our community, but with her expertise as an attorney, she put her excellent skillset to work to ensure compliance with the goals and objectives of our Village as shown through our Comprehensive Plan.
She was always able to address intricate issues with clear strategy and confidence. She is inspired by challenges and never intimidated by complex facts. Without a doubt, Maria will be a welcomed and dedicated addition to the Lake County Board.
Please feel free to contact me at the Village of North Barrington office should you wish to further discuss Maria Peterson’s qualifications and experience.”

Jackie Andrew, Trustee, North Barrington

“I endorse Maria Peterson for the Lake County Board. She has kept up on current issues both at the state and county level and has spent many hours at local, county, and state meetings. She sees both sides of issues and then reaches an educated conclusion. She is extremely dedicated to doing what is right without outside interferance. I am impressed with her work ethic and energy at taking on difficult prolbems and offering the right solution for the county. She is the new blood that we need on the county board.”

Kathy Nelander, Village Administrator/Clerk, Village of North Barrington

“I have known Maria for approximately 16 years as a resident of North Barrington. I think she would be a breath of fresh air serving on the Lake County Board representing District 17. We need representatives who are willing to be involved with the community and listen to area resident’s concerns about the environmental and economic issues facing local residents.”

Gery Herrmann, Chairman Planning Commission, North Barrington

“I am pledging my support to Maria Petersdn for The Lake County Board. She has done an outstanding job serving on the Planning Commission for North Barrington.”

Martin Pais, Member, North Barrington Plan Commission

“Maria plays an active role on the North Barrington Plan Commission, is well versed in the mechanics of government, does her homework, manifests a keen insight into the issues and is a team player in negotiating simple, workable solutions. She will be an effective and strong candidate in looking out and protecting the interests of our residents.”

Ken Such, Member, North Barrington Plan Commission

“Based upon the excellent performance on the North Barrington Plan Commission, I support Maria Peterson.”

Shannon Yeaton, President, Village of Port Barrington

“The Village of Port Barrington lies within the boundaries of Lake and McHenry Counties. I have been the Village President for five years and in that time only one candidate for office has repeatedly come to our Village meetings and shown an interest in our local government, Ms. Maria Peterson.
Port Barrington is small and often forgotten in the vastness of Lake County. It was a surprise months ago to have a candidate for the Lake County Board come to one of our meetings – an even bigger surprise was when she came back, again and again. Maria did not just make her presence known and leave, but instead stayed for the whole meeting, sometimes lasting several hours. She talked to trustees about their individual duties, and inquired as to how she, if elected, could help them achieve their goals. She promoted the Lake County Board as much as she promoted herself.
Maria Peterson is an excellent candidate for the Lake County Board. It is my privilege to write this letter in support of her and her mission to become a Lake County official.”

Charles R. Amrich, Mayor, Village of Island Lake

“Maria has a great concern that all the towns and villages in Lake County Board District 17 receive fair and dedicated representation for their needs and issues. She pledges to meet with them on a regular basis to inform them on county issues and decisions that affect municipal jurisdictions.
I have never been contacted by our current Lake County Board District 17 representative and I believe Maria Peterson would be responsive and be a breath of fresh air for the constituents of our district.
I support the candidacy of Maria Peterson for Lake County Board District 17 representative.”

Stephen Henley, Mayor, Volo

“Maria Peterson is running for Lake County Commissioner, District 17. Although Maria is not in Volo’s district, I do support her for the Village of Wauconda. The Village of Wauconda and Volo are partners working on a major project – bringing Lake Michigan water to our respective communities. I have had frank and meaningful discussions with Maria and found her to be knowledgeable and informative on both of our communities. Supporting Maria will be very beneficial for Wauconda and Volo.
I am supporting Maria Peterson for Lake County Commissioner and I ask the Wauconda residents to support her at the polls.”

Robert Nunamaker, President, Village of Fox River Grove

“Maria is a retired attorney, a small business owner and more importantly – a concerned citizen.
I know Maria has a strong sense of commitment to our community and values service over politics.
Her presence at our Village Board meetings, as well as attending many of our community events, makes it quite clear that she is a dedicated and involved citizen who wants to serve our communities well.”

Susana Mendoza, Illinois Comptroller

“Maria has earned my endorsement for her strong passion to do what is right for the residents of Lake County – be transparent, fair, accountable, and available.”

Pat Quinn, Chicago

“I met Maria in 1989 – when both of us were running as candidates to serve on the Sayre Language Academy Local School Council.  Maria ran as a parent representative and won.  I remember that she connected well with the parents.  Listening to their concerns, finding balance on what the school administration and parents could do together, and advocating for better communication and smart solutions is what Maria thrived on.

In 1983, I spearheaded the creation of the Citizens Utility Board (CUB), now Illinois’ largest consumer group. After learning of Maria’s communication and analytical skills, I asked Maria if she would consider a run to serve as a board member. She ran and served as a CUB board member representing the 5th Congressional District, and fought to protect consumers from predatory pricing by the large utilities. 

Shortly after I was elected Illinois State Treasurer, I asked Maria to join my Chicago staff to set up a program to help families save money for the down payment of their first home.  Maria worked well with many classes of people and got the job done.

I would often send Maria as one of my surrogates to speak on my behalf.  I had full confidence in her because she was well-versed in all the issues.

I believe that Maria has the skills necessary to be an effective Lake County Board Member.  She is authentic and puts her heart and intelligence into matters.  She is honest and open, yet advises her audience that she needs to analyze the situation to ensure the best outcome for all.”

Endorsements for Maria:

Michael J. Kainz, Supervisor, Cuba Township

Grant Born, Trustee, Cuba Township

Paul Dietzen, Trustee, Cuba Township



Lake County Building and Construction Trades Council

Northeastern Illinois Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO

Illinois Realtors


Sierra Club, Illinois Chapter

What friends of Maria say about her:

Steve Burgoon, Tower Lakes

“I have known Maria Peterson for 15 years.  I have gotten to know her as a devoted mother, wife, and business owner.  Over these years I have seen Maria nurture and grow her family and business. Maria has always been people-centric, focusing on the best interests of people in her life.  I have also seen her and her husband devote immense time and care for their property in North Barrington while growing and developing a larger personal vegetable garden.  The natural environment is important to Maria.  In October, Maria came to our Tower Lakes Drain Partnership meeting providing a brief talk of her commitment to environmental and watershed concerns in the surrounding area. Maria supports the grassroots efforts to identify, communicate, and resolve groundwater and stormwater issues affecting our area.  I have no doubt that Maria will be a vigilant fighter for clean air, clean water, and other environmentally specific concerns.”

Nancy Mau

“I’ve known Maria for over 14 years. She started as a client and then became a friend. Maria loves her community and the environment and wants to do what’s best for future generations. When Maria puts her effort towards a goal, she’s focused and sees results. She would be a great asset for the Lake County Board.”

Edward H. Stone, Attorney at Law

“I have known Maria since 1986 when she began working for me as a law clerk. We have since remained good friends. There are many requisite details, including important deadlines, in running a Probate, Guardianship & Trust and Estate law practice, and Maria exhibited the ability, skill and intellect to pick up on all the nuances to the practice very quickly.

“I know Maria to be a person of high integrity, a great listener and an eminent advocate for those causes which she deems important and worthwhile in our society.

I had the utmost trust and confidence in Maria in her ability to diligently handle the administration of the estates, guardianships and trust of our clients. It did not matter whether our clients were wealthy or merely the everyday mom and dad. Maria knew how to meet and listen to each other carefully and with the utmost respect for each and every person.

We would discuss the strategy on how to handle certain cases and from there, Maria would handle the case, from filing, managing, and when possible, closing the estate, in a competent and professional manner.”

Terryann Weber

“I first met Maria as a personal trainer almost 22 years ago. At that time I didn’t know she would become a great friend as well.

Maria is incredible at whatever she does. A wife, mother homemaker. Educated as a lawyer, and also a yogi and personal trainer.

What makes her incredible??? She is extremely intelligent, kind, trustworthy, hard-working and research orientated. Example if I wasn’t positioned properly she would come back to me with several alternatives to adjust a movement so it would feel right. She has the personality that promotes trust in her and those around her. Also she has the ability to get you to do things you didn’t think were possible. Just the right amount of can do spirit.

Maria Peterson has always made me grateful that I put my trust in her.”